Tricks & Tips On How To Pick The Right Video Forensics Tools

video forensics tools
video forensics tools

In forensics, investigations involve the use of various scientific approaches to check and determine what happened in the past at an unfortunate crime scene. As an investigator, for you to achieve the best investigation results, you need to use the right image & video forensics tools. But what is the best way to find the right tools?

video forensics tools
video forensics tools

As you read on, you’ll discover a few tricks and tips on how to get the best Cognitech digital investigation software tools.

What are video forensic tools and how important are they?

With the right digital forensic tools, you’ll be able to scan and analyze evidence found mostly on crime scenes. Irrespective of the type of investigation you’re carrying out, you need image and video forensics tools to identify digital evidence on the scene.


For instance, if you work in a law enforcement agency, you need the right digital tools to uncover various crime scenes relating to cybercrime, child abuse, human trafficking, gangs, automobile accident, and many more.


The bottom line is that; as an investigator, you need the right tools to acquire the necessary information on crime scenes. With the acquired information, you will be able to solve different cases quickly.

Factors to consider when finding the right digital forensic tools

1.   Your budget

Are you responsible for covering the budget for this forensics investigation? If yes, you need to consider this factor before opting for the best image and video forensics tools. Make sure you go for the tools that fall within your budget.


Today, the best forensics tools aren’t necessarily the most expensive or the cheapest software. For instance, Cognitech is arguably one of the leading companies when it comes to the manufacture and sale of forensic software. Fortunately, these software tools are available at competitive prices. For instance, for as low as $150 monthly, you can gain access to Cognitech’s Video Investigator through the MC2 security cloud.

Cognitech’s Video Investigator
Cognitech’s Video Investigator

2.   Features

Do you want to solve crime investigations quickly? If yes, then you need to check the features of the video forensics tools before you go ahead to pay for them. The top features you need to look for in the right digital forensics tools include:


  • Age detection
  • Facial recognition and analytics
  • Search profile
  • Indexing features
  • Hash verification
  • Analytical features, such as filter application


3.   Technical specs

Technical specifications of the video forensics tools also matter here. Before picking any software, make sure you understand the specific specifications you’re interested in. For example, you need to identify the exact type & state of the device that you need. You also need to identify the right interface when investigating a case.

4.   Technical skills

Do these video forensic tools require you to acquire more technical skills before you can use them? Here’s another important factor to consider when looking for the right digital forensics software.


Although the software should come with training videos to better understand how it works. However, the training that comes with the software should be pretty easy and direct to understand.


Bottom line: the video forensic tools you’re looking to consider must be easy to understand. They should also be easy to work with to acquire the right crime evidence quickly.

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