Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part I: Candy Montgomery’s Affair

Love and Death in Silicon Prairie

Each man reflexively averted his eyes upon seeing Betty Gore’s lifeless body on the evening of June 13, 1980. Even those who were already aware of what was on the other side of the utility room door were never brave enough to take a longer look before closing it. The early stories of the manner of death were inconsistent and frequently incorrect since few people even bothered to look at the head—the sight was too horrifying.

The washer, dryer, freezer, and little cabinet where Betty had kept her trinkets and toys made the room, which was only around twelve feet long by six feet broad, appear much smaller. A brand-new toy wagon and a child’s training toilet were in the same corner.

Two dog food dishes and a battered book of Mother Goose nursery rhymes were located nearer to the center of the room, where the freezer was positioned against one wall. The book’s white cover stood out in stark contrast since it was one of the few items in the room that wasn’t covered in blood in the strong overhead light that reflected off the room’s harvest-gold carpet.

They opened the door, and the first thing they saw was her left arm. It was submerged in a thick pool of blood and liquid, giving the impression that the arm was hovering above the linoleum. The males had to walk around the sea of red and black to get a peek at her face.

They were even more disturbed by what they witnessed. Her mouth was shaped into a half-grin, with her lips parted to reveal her front teeth. Her hair, a tangled, soggy mass of glossy black, radiated in every direction. Additionally, Betty was staring down at the huge, dark craters in her arm with her left eye wide open. She didn’t seem to have a right eye, either. The right side of her face appeared to be completely missing.
A three-foot-long, heavy ax with a wooden handle was a few feet away from Betty’s head and partially hidden under the freezer. At first, the police who looked into Betty Gore’s killing was unable to accept that Candy Montgomery, who was so little, had the physical strength to wield that ax so forcefully. Despite their misgivings about her growing.

They struggled to comprehend how this attractive, vivacious, and perfectly ordinary suburban housewife could launch such a savage assault. She was a loyal wife, kind mother, churchgoer, and everyone’s friend. Additionally, she wasn’t acting cynical. A dark part of her spirit that even she was unaware of kept her from being as normal, likable, and good as she seemed to be.

Love and Death in Silicon Prairie

God be praised for the nation.

Candy Montgomery and Betty Gore originally met at a church session, and it was the church that brought them closer during those times as well as finally leading to their shared animosity and Betty’s horrible death. More than other places of worship, the Methodist Church of Lucas was a female-run organization. Candy Montgomery’s universe revolved around the drafty white clapboard structure known to its followers as simply “the church,” nearly from the moment she moved into her dream country home in 1977. At first glance, it didn’t look like a location that would attract many people. It was set back from the roadway, its paint was peeling, its steeple was corroded, and its floors echoed hollowly beneath the weighted soles of men. house the Methodist theology’s most liberal strands. The church structures were situated on a little elevation, flanked on three sides by fallow Blackland wheat fields, and on the fourth by a farm-to-market road. The scenery, which was breathtaking in its drab and gray nothingness and seemed like a harsh and untamed frontier when the sky was clear and the wind was high, as it was, was not very attractive.

house the Methodist theology’s most liberal strands. The church structures were situated on a little elevation, flanked on three sides by fallow Blackland wheat fields, and on the fourth by a farm-to-market road. The scenery, which was breathtaking in its drab and gray nothingness and seemed like a harsh and untamed frontier when the sky was clear and the wind was high, as it was, was not very attractive.

When they discovered the charming little chapel by the wayside of Lucas, they returned to the church. They sent their kids to a little red schoolhouse, joined a civic organization or ran for the town council. The bustling freeways of Dallas, the enormous electronics corporations where many of them worked as engineers, physicists, and computer analysts, and the never-ending string of suburban housing developments, shopping malls, and office centers running due north out of the city were all twenty miles to the southwest. However, they had peace, independence, and control over their lives here. Some of them boasted about it. They might remark, “This is how things were back home,” or, “Thank God we had enough money to relocate to the country so kids could obtain a fine education.” The nation was a picture of a revitalized America—pure, trouble-free, secure, and innocent.

FM Road 1378, a winding two-lane blacktop cutting through the middle of the nation, connects Wylie, a former railroad town now populated by tract houses and minor industry, with McKinney, the county seat. Since 1378 had become the main thoroughfare for the new subdivisions full of fantasy architecture, including houses shaped like Alpine villas, houses decked out like medieval castles, houses as forbidding as national park pavilions or as secluded as missile bases, both towns were older and more authentically Western than anything in the roughly twenty miles between them. around Lake Lavon’s beaches, concealed among bushes. The most well-known examples of prairie architecture were juxtaposed alongside those personal declarations: trailer houses, fish stores, windowless lodge rooms, an outdoor revival shelter, and ghost town cemeteries. White horse fences, which were everywhere along the road and surrounding many brand-new homes and which were distributed in inverse proportion to the number of horses needing corrals, were the only thing that connected the past and present.

Would You Be Up for Having a Relationship?

Candy Montgomery could never forget the precise second she made the decision to sleep with Betty Gore’s husband, Allan Gore. On a day in the late summer of 1978, it occurred on the volleyball court at the church. Both Candy and Allan attempted to play the same ball, colliding in the process. Even though it was only a little bump and nobody else on the court seemed to notice it, Candy had an epiphany as a result: Allan Gore smelled seductive. She had been speculatively about having an affair with pals for a number of weeks. Candy desired a change from her “extremely dull” existence with Pat. She was clear about the type of relationship she desired: transcendent sex.

Love and Death in Silicon Prairie

“Why Did I Come Here This Weekend and What Do I Hope to Gain?”

Dunfey`s Royal Motor Coach Inn, a faux-medieval fort complete with tunnels and turrets and gables and the regal purples and scarlets of an Adult Disneyland, became the web website online every month of the weekend accumulating referred to as Methodist Marriage Encounter. It became much less a counseling consultation than a total-immersion experience. Though it had the tacit approval of the church, it became run with the aid of using laymen. It started out with a Friday-night time dinner at which the policies had been explained. Spouses had been to be at every different`s aspect in any respect times. Televisions had been now no longer to grow to become on withinside the rooms. Newspapers had been forbidden. Nothing became to get withinside the manner of the couples` speaking approximately their feelings.

“Communicating” and “feelings”—the ones that had been the watchwords of Marriage Encounter, as Allan and Betty discovered quickly after arriving in room 321. They had been led right into a huge assembly hall, with 3 dozen or so different couples, and delivered to their Encounter leaders, all married couples who had formerly long gone thru the program. The couples onstage might communicate overtly approximately their marriages, however, no person else became to talk besides withinside the privacy in their inn rooms. The method became that the leaders might advocate a question—the primary became, Why did I come right here this weekend and what do I wish to gain?—after which the couples might retire to their rooms to put in writing solutions of their character Marriage Encounter spiral notebooks. (Below the Marriage Encounter insignia on the duvet became the Bible verse, “Love each other as I even have cherished you.”) Once that they’d written their solutions, they exchanged notebooks “with a kiss,” examine every different`s solutions, after which mentioned how the ones solutions made them feel. When their time became up, they might be summoned lower back to the principle room for extra testimonials, observed with the aid of using extra questions. The institution leaders gave them revealed sheets explaining “the way to write a love letter,” “the way to dialogue,” and “what’s a feeling?” and confident them that the whole lot written withinside the notebooks might be strictly private.

Continued in  Love and Death in Silicon Prairie, Part II: The Killing of Betty Gore.. These portions had been drawn from the e-e book Evidence of Love, posted by Scene Network Press.


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