How to create to Follow a Hyperlink

How to create to Follow a Hyperlink
How to create to Follow a Hyperlink

A Hyperlink is a technology related term used instead of the simple English word; Shortcut. A Hyperlink is a self created link that is personalized to a particular person on a particular device. An Hyperlink is made up of a  Button that was created, drawn for the purpose of resending the link. A button that links to a web page can be a very useful tool. If you periodically go to the crsame web page while working in a workbook, it may make sense just to create a button to get you to that website with just one clicks.

This is a quick technology Cue ever person needs to learn how to create. On an android phone it is automatically created by the phone properties and you permissions will be sought to display the Hyperlink button in a place on the phone screen where you can quickly access it. So I will be giving you the full procedure of how it is down. This procedure is what the Android phone does not explain. I mean how the Android phone came about the shortcut your permission was sought to display at an access place. There are many ways to create an Hyperlink and here are a few procedures.

How to create to Follow a Hyperlink
How to create to Follow a HyperlinkHow to create to Follow a Hyperlink
  1. Locate the Developer Tab: First, click on the developer tab. If you do not have the developer tab in your Excel ribbon, you can figure out how to add it here.The developer tab opens a spreadsheet to a wide range of options. One option that is needed here is that of a button and you Insert a Button: Next, click on the insert a “Command button.” This is located in the upper left-hand corner of the active x control section. After the button is selected, drag the cursor with the left mouse button help to trace a square or rectangle. This will dictate how large your button will appear.
  2. Command Button Selection: Find Button Properties. Right-click on the button and select properties. Properties– Edit Caption. Type what you want to display on the button in the caption section. Then, close out the properties window and your Hyperlink is created.
  3. Add Code to the Button: This is a little bit of coding like when you are writing a program language for a project. So you Double-click on the button so that the visual basic window appears and type the following information in that window with no spaces between lines:

Private Sub CommandButton1_Click() ActiveWorkbook.FollowHyperlink _ Address:=” End Sub  Note that “CommandButton1” is the name of the object and may be different for you depending on what you name your button. Additionally, you will want to choose the website that you would like to open in the place of Click on the save button and save your workbook as a macro-enabled workbook. Exit the visual basic window.

4.Visual Basis Application: Get out of Design Mode. Lastly, save the Excel file and exit the design mode by selecting the design button in the controls section. Each time your button is selected your web browser should automatically open to display the web address that was saved in the button properties.




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